The BR Tournament is one of the longest running tournaments in the South if not the longest one.  Many tournaments have come and gone but this one has been around for nearly 50 years.

It began in 1973 when Circle Bowl manager John Sneer and his friend, Bob Chatelain who owned a Baskin Robbins franchise came up with the unique format for the tournament which is still used today.  Circle Bowl hosted the Baskin Robbins Singles Tournament and Bob was the sponsor providing a plaque to the winner and ice cream treats during the finals.  After several tournaments the high game prize on each squad was added and the winners received $25.00 in ice cream certificates.

The tournament grew in popularity and a December event was added.  In 1989 the tournament was held five times.  In March it was held at Plank Bowl (BR), in May it was held at Acadiana Lanes in Lafayette, July at Circle Bowl, September in LaPlace and back to Circle in December.  The following year the tournament returned to three times per year.  In 1996, a September tournament was added and ran until 2005.  Since 2006, the tournament has been held three times a year.

In July, 2000 the tournament was threatened with legal action for using Baskin Robbins in the tournament name.  After much discussion it was decided the tournament would be renamed to the BR Tournament because after all it was held in Baton Rouge and it would acknowledge the original name.