Sue Braud

Sue’s introduction to bowling was like many others in the 60’s.  A friend invited her to bowl in a company sponsored league at Circle Bowl and she proved to be a lefthanded natural in no time. It was not long before she figured out a way to be more involved in bowling and began to volunteer coaching youth bowlers.  Still wanting to do more she found herself recruiting bowlers by phone and was paid by the number of bowlers who joined leagues, thus the beginning of her employment at Circle Bowl.  She eventually became the Assistant Manager and later when John Snee retired, she became the center’s manager and inherited the responsibility of the tournament.

Over the years, she was a member of the local association Board of Directors, bowled in State & National Tournaments and attended their conventions.  She was instrumental in the securing the bid for the Women’s Championship Tournament to come to Baton Rouge and she was the first female president of the Louisiana Bowling Proprietors.  During her tenure as President she helped to establish the Grand Prix scholarship fund for youth bowling which continues today providing Louisiana youth bowlers scholarships.  Her individual bowling accomplishments were numerous, enough to earn her way into the Baton Rouge Bowling Hall of Fame as well as the Louisiana State Women’s Bowling Hall of Fame.

Over the years, Sue touched the lives of so many bowlers.  She considered them all her family and became affectionately known as Momma Sue or SueSue to many of them.  In 2011, she retired but remained as the BR Tournament manager.